I don’t care about recovering money for my mom’s death in a Louisville nursing home so why should I file a wrongful death case?

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We understand how you feel. You don’t want to profit from your parent’s suffering or death in a Louisville nursing home.

You Won’t

Even if your wrongful death case is successful and you recover money in a settlement or court verdict, you will not profit from your parent’s death. Instead, the money is compensation for the damages that you have suffered. You may, for example, recover for things such as funeral expenses, pain, and suffering.

This money is not a profit. You are not better off than you were when your parent was alive. We know that you would trade all of the money back in if you could prevent the fall that caused your parent’s death in a Glasgow, Louisville, or other Kentucky nursing home. However, since that is not an option, the law does what it can to help compensate you for your loss through financial damages.

Money Isn’t the Only Reason to File a Wrongful Death Case

While money may be the only tangible recovery in a wrongful death case, there are also other reasons to file a case. You may, for example, encourage better safety in Kentucky nursing homes and teach your children an important lesson about how to stand up for what is right and how to protect the people they love.

We understand that deciding whether to file a wrongful death case is an important decision and that you need to know all of the pros and cons before you make that decision. Accordingly, we encourage you to read our FREE report, Fighting Back Against Nursing Home Abuse, and to fill out our online contact form today.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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