A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, particularly at a late stage, can be devastating regardless of how or why you contracted the disease. As your doctors have likely discussed with you, the five year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is low. It is a difficult cancer to treat and it has, undoubtedly, changed your life and possibly shortened it.

While some instances of pancreatic cancer are unavoidable, there may be a connection between the drug Byetta and pancreatic cancer. Some studies have reportedly found a link between using Byetta and having pancreatic cancer. If Byetta caused your pancreatic cancer then you may have the right to recover damages for what has happened to you.

The truth is that defective drug cases are complex and expensive. They require extensive discovery and may require expensive expert witnesses. If you were try to pursue a case on your own then it could be prohibitively expensive.

However, that is not your only option. Instead, you can join with other people who have also taken Byetta and have pancreatic cancer. Together, you may be able to pool your resources so that you share in the expenses of holding the drug manufacturer responsible. Helping to make sure that you each get the fair and just recoveries that you deserve.

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