I did not go to the hospital by ambulance after my recent TARC bus accident injury. Will that impact my recovery?

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The law does not require that you go to the hospital by ambulance after any kind of accident. Instead, the law requires that you prove the elements of a personal injury case and file your case according to the rules of the court in order for you to recover from your Transit Authority of River City (TARC) bus accident injuries.

How to Prove Your Injuries Were Caused by the Accident

Going to the hospital by ambulance from the scene of the accident is one way to get immediate medical treatment for your injuries and to help establish that your injuries were caused by the TARC accident. However, it is not the only way.

You can also prove that your injuries were caused by the TARC bus accident by going to the emergency room, your primary care doctor, or a specialist as soon as you notice symptoms of the accident or in the days following the accident for a checkup.

Ultimately, if you want to recover damages for the injuries that you suffered in your TARC accident, then you are going to have to prove that your injuries would not have happened but for the crash and you are going to need medical evidence to prove this causation.

Don’t Try to Do This Alone

Recovering from a TARC accident can be tricky. However, you can protect your potential recovery by seeing a doctor as soon as possible and by contacting a lawyer via our contact us form on this site. We also encourage you to browse our related links and watch our free videos to learn more about protecting your rights after an accident.

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