I became pregnant while using the Mirena IUD. Should I consider a lawsuit?

Yes. There are a number of risks associated with becoming pregnant while the Mirena IUD is in place, many of which can have painful and permanent consequences.

For example, over half of all women who become pregnant with Mirena experienced an ectopic pregnancy—a pregnancy outside the uterus, such as inside a fallopian tube, which will often cause unusual vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, internal bleeding, infertility, and even death. Ectopic pregnancy will usually require emergency surgery and can result in the loss of the fetus or the removal of part of the woman’s reproductive system, permanently affecting her future chances of having children.

Doctors also warn against keeping the Mirena IUD in place if you become pregnant unintentionally. Allowing the device to stay implanted will often lead to miscarriage, premature delivery, or even death; however, removal will often cause the loss of the fetus. Some users may suffer a severe infection that causes the loss of the infant, known as septic abortion.

In addition, there has not been adequate study on the long-term effects and congenital anomalies associated with Mirena IUD use. When pregnancy continues with Mirena in place, the fetus is given direct exposure to the hormone levonorgestrel, and long-term effects on the offspring are unknown. While some women have carried children to term with the device in place, congenital anomalies have occurred infrequently. 

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