It’s gut wrenching to hear parents plead to “go home” when they live in a nursing home. If it helps, however, your experience is not unique. According to, elderly people with dementia usually ask at some point to “go home.” I hope these tips help you:

  • The “home” to which they wish to return is probably not their previous home or even your home, but their childhood home.
  • Expect that you will continue to hear the plea to go home. Don’t argue or insist that “this is your home.”
  • As you probably heard when you were raising children and needed to deal with their behavioral issues, use “distraction and redirection.” Gently acknowledge the remark, and then guide him to another subject.

-   If he is in a wheelchair, push the chair to the window or to something interesting in the room; start a conversation about what you see.

-   Ask about past events or people that your father knew.

-   Take him someplace outside the nursing home—a coffee shop, a museum, or even a playground where he can watch children play.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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