First of all, give thanks that her doctor diagnosed it. Untreated Lyme disease can spread to the joints, heart, and brain. Even if it has not been caught early, though, these symptoms are treatable. The treatment she undergoes and the symptoms she exhibits are determined by what stage of the disease she has.

If your friend’s doctor discovered the disease in its early stages, it can be cured with antibiotics. Occasionally, people inexplicably continue having symptoms that affect their daily lives even after antibiotic treatment. This condition is called post-Lyme disease syndrome.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Stage 3 Lyme disease can lead to chronic joint inflammation, sometimes referred to as Lyme arthritis. Heart arrhythmias may also result from this stage of the disease. Brain and nervous system disorders may include the following:

  • Decreased concentration;
  • Memory problems;
  • Nerve damage;
  • Numbness;
  • Pain;
  • Paralysis of the facial muscles;
  • Sleep disorders; and
  • Vision problems.

If your friend is considering turning to alternative medicine for help, give her the following information from the Mayo Clinic’s website: “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns consumers and health care providers to avoid Bismacine, an injectable compound prescribed by some alternative medicine practitioners to treat Lyme disease. Bismacine, also known as Chromacine, contains high levels of the metal bismuth. Although bismuth is safely used in some oral medications for digestive conditions, it’s not approved for use in injectable form or as a treatment for Lyme disease. Bismacine can cause bismuth poisoning, which may lead to heart and kidney failure.”

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