My daughter fell from a horse on our farm in Kentucky and hit her head pretty hard. Her eyes are dilating the way they should. What should I watch for that would indicate brain swelling, and what kind of tests would show it?

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First of all, get your daughter to the doctor or a hospital right away. A brain injury is nothing to play around with, and it’s better that you feel silly for overreacting than to feel sorry for not reacting at all.

The doctor will examine your daughter’s head and neck. If he suspects that her brain has swelled, he may run one or more of the following tests to determine the extent and location of the swelling:

  • a neurological exam;
  • a CT scan of her head;
  • an MRI of her head; and
  • blood tests.

According to WebMD, the symptoms of brain swelling can appear suddenly. The type and number of symptoms your daughter shows depend on the severity of her injury. Symptoms can include

  • headache;
  • pain or stiffness in her neck;
  • nausea and/or vomiting;
  • dizziness;
  • breathing irregularities;
  • change in or loss of vision;
  • loss of memory;
  • inability to walk;
  • speech difficulty;
  • stupor;
  • seizures; and
  • loss of consciousness.

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