My husband suffered a brain injury in Louisville while he was in surgery. He’s getting better, but it’s a slow process. Is there anything we can do to help his recovery?

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Although it will be hard to watch your loved one suffer through the rehabilitation process, your love and support will go a long way toward his recovery. Here are just a few ways you can aid in his treatment:

  • Be patient. Your family may be grieving and frustrated as you wait for the person you love to come back, but allow him all the time he needs to recover. Showing your frustration will likely place undue stress on him as he heals, so try to give active encouragement for small, daily victories.
  • Insist on therapy. Although physical therapy and rehabilitation have been proven to greatly benefit brain injury victims, many patients are initially resistant of the help. They may feel embarrassed or helpless, ashamed of their condition and the burden they place on their caregivers. However, these programs are focused on restoring lost function and maximizing abilities—focusing on what can be done, instead of what can’t. As victims relearn daily skills, families are counseled on the patient’s future expectations, such as realistic work goals and opportunities.
  • Investigate the cause. Even if the doctor assured you that nobody was to blame for your husband’s injury, it is a good idea to have the case investigated by a brain injury attorney. Many cases of Kentucky brain damage are due to hospital negligence, and you should explore your rights to compensation to help pay the costs of your husband’s treatment.

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