Painkiller addiction is a very real and increasing problem in the United States. So when a doctor prescribes painkillers, caution and care should be exercised. If you are injured as a result of doctor or pharmacist negligence, you should speak with a Louisville law firm that handles medical malpractice cases.

Whether it’s acute or chronic pain, prescribing a painkiller is often the first and only medical intervention done. Yet the potential dangers, including serious side effects and addiction, may not be worth the benefits.

Here are some of the signs of painkiller addiction that users should be aware of: 
  • defensive about their use of painkillers;
  • increasing the dosage;
  • suffering from blackouts and difficulty recalling things;
  • changes in personality;
  • over-stimulated by emotions, sights and sounds;
  • withdrawing from others;
  • missing work;
  • continuing to use painkiller despite improvement in condition;
  • going to extreme measures to obtain painkillers; and
  • changes in appearance and/or sleeping/eating habits. 

Recognizing these signs of painkiller addiction potentially could save a life. It is often very difficult to get off painkiller medication, but with qualified medical help, it can be done.

The chances of painkiller addiction decreases when patients are properly monitored by their doctor and they receive the right kind of information. However, it may become an issue of medical malpractice if a doctor or pharmacist fails to do their job.

To learn if you have a legitimate claim to file after being injured by a medication error or an overdose, you will need to contact a Louisville law firm. A lawyer will carefully evaluate your case and explain what legal options you may have available.

Contacting a Louisville Law Firm

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