The last time I visited my father in his Louisville nursing home, he was quite “out of it.” I talked to his regular caregiver about him, and she said she hadn’t noticed any change from his regular demeanor. Should I suspect that the caregiver is overmedicating my dad?

It’s a possibility. Unfortunately, some caregivers reduce residents’ need for attention by giving them a hefty dose of antipsychotic medication—although this doesn’t happen as frequently as it did before nursing homes became highly regulated and inspected.

There are other possibilities:

  • Your dad may be suffering a specific decline in his health. This should be documented in his chart, which you have the right to see.
  • A medication may have been skipped.
  • Your father may need some adjustment to his ongoing medications.
  • The staff may have given your father a drug that is to be given “as needed”; this should also be in his chart, along with the reason it was given.
  • Find out from staff what your dad has experienced since the last time you visited him—has he fallen? Has he had any visitors? Has his medical condition changed in any way, perhaps from a cold or possibly a stroke?

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