There are numerous benefits for being involved in your loved one’s elderly care while he or she resides in a nursing home. If you suspect the plan of care is not being followed by the facility’s staff, this could constitute as abuse or neglect. Protect the rights of your elderly relative by speaking with a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. 

In Kentucky, the law requires nursing homes to complete a comprehensive assessment for each resident within the first 14 days. The purpose is to evaluate a resident’s physical and mental capacity and to determine whether their care will involve assistance with day-to-day needs. 

Seven days after this assessment, the nursing home must host a care planning conference to outline how the facility intends to assist your loved. Family members are encouraged to participate in this conference. 

Care planning conferences must be held every three months. Whenever the care plan needs to be adjusted due to a change in mental or physical health, the conferences must be held as soon as possible. 

As a family member, there are various benefits to participating in your loved one’s elderly care: 

  • It allows you to evaluate the care plan.
  • It provides a forum to voice any concerns you have.
  • It encourages your relative to speak openly about their choices and concerns.
  • You can obtain a written copy of the care plan.
  • You may ask questions about the plan.
  • You may share ideas on how to better serve your loved one. 


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If your loved one has been mistreated while staying at a nursing home, the facility can be held accountable. When possible, you should document any offenses you see to help build a solid case for nursing home abuse or neglect. 

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