A certificate of merit is used in medical malpractice law. It is basically corroboration by a medical expert that your assertion of medical negligence against a healthcare provider is valid. 

A certificate of merit may be essential to a medical malpractice lawsuit in Louisville. A med mal lawyer normally will arrange for a certificate of merit when needed for a case. 

The Role of a Medical Expert

Medical malpractice lawsuits often rely on expert testimony. For a certificate of merit to be recognized, a medical expert needs to certify on his or her merit that your doctor or other treating medical professional should be held liable for your injuries. They may reach this conclusion after reviewing your medical records and determining the established standard of care was violated. 

This medical expert must assert that your treating physician deviated from what would be expected of any other doctor in a similar situation and that this deviation resulted in your injuries. 

Having a certificate of merit from a credible medical professional may make or break a medical malpractice case. This is why you need to find a Louisville med mal lawyer with a reputation for taking on tough cases and winning them. 

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