What questions should I ask my health care provider in order to reduce the risk of Kentucky medication errors?

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Medication errors are a leading cause of injury among patients throughout the United States. These errors can result in substantial emotional, physical, and financial harm. While choosing trustworthy and knowledgeable health care providers is an important step in preventing these injuries, there are additional measures that patients can take to proactively reduce the risk of a Kentucky medication error. One such measure is to ask questions about the medication. Specifically, ask your doctor or pharmacist the following:


  1. Why should I be taking this medication?
  2. What common problems should I watch for while taking this medication?
  3. What should I do if problems arise while taking a medication?
  4. When should I stop taking this medication?
  5. Can this medication be taken even though I am taking other medicines at the same time?


If you or a loved one was injured as a result of a medication error, a knowledgeable Kentucky medication error attorney can help you receive the compensation that you deserve. Medication errors can often result in higher hospital bills, lost time from work, and other expenses. Fortunately, with the right legal professional in your corner, the financial burden of this injury can be eased.

To learn more about protecting your legal rights after an injury, contact an experienced Louisville medication error lawyer for guidance. The experienced attorneys at Gray and White Law can guide you through the process of bringing a claim against the responsible party. Call our office today at (502) 210-8942 or (800) 634-8767 for a free consultation.