There are potentially serious risks with acetaminophen medication for children. If your child was injured as a result of a medication error caused by medical negligence, a Jefferson County medication error lawyer may be able to help.

A newer, less concentrated form of liquid acetaminophen medication is now available for sale. The problem is that a higher concentration form remains on the shelves, making it difficult to tell the difference.

Unless the drug facts label is carefully read, a parent or caregiver may end up giving a child the wrong dosage. Overdoses are serious risks with acetaminophen, with some children suffering liver failure. 

When a doctor has indicated that your child should take a liquid acetaminophen for an ailment, you have the right to receive accurate information pertaining to the concentration. If a doctor or pharmacist doesn’t warn you of the risks of overdosing, they may be held liable.

While giving a child too little liquid acetaminophen could lead to ineffective results, the potential of giving too much could lead to serious, life-threatening consequences. Verifying with a doctor the correct amount is vital. 

Determining a doctor’s or a pharmacist’s potential liability in a medication error will require experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel. Contact a Jefferson County medication error lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer will take the time to evaluate the details of your case carefully to decide if you have the right to pursue legal action.

You may be eligible to receive compensation that addresses your child’s medical expenses. There may be additional compensation available for pain and suffering and more.

Contacting a Jefferson County Medication Error Lawyer

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