Sepsis: A Serious Risk for Kentucky Nursing Home Residents

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There are some infections that are both deadly and preventable. Sepsis may be one of those infections for Kentucky nursing home residents. While not every case of sepsis is preventable, some instances of sepsis may be stopped before it becomes deadly. Thus, it is important for nursing home residents and those who love them to understand what this dangerous condition is, how it may be caused, and what to do if it does occur.

3 Things to Know about Sepsis

Three of the important things that you should know about sepsis include:

  1. What it is. Sepsis is a serious infection caused by bacteria that enters the bloodstream.
  2. How sepsis may occur. Bacteria may enter the body through open wounds, through IVs, or through catheters. Nursing home staff members that are negligent about using proper protocols for wound treatment, IVs, and catheters may allow bacteria into the body that ultimately results in a sepsis infection.
  3. What to do if sepsis occurs. The first thing that you should do if you notice symptoms of sepsis, or infection, is to get urgent medical care for your loved one. Sepsis should be treated immediately. You may have your loved one seen by an independent doctor, and emergency room services may be important.

If you believe that sepsis could have been prevented by nursing home staff who provided reasonable care to your loved one, then it is also important to contact an experienced lawyer for more information about your potential recovery.​

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