Five Types of Medical Malpractice That Can Be Fatal in a Kentucky Hospital

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You trusted your loved one’s care to the doctors and staff at Baptist Hospital, Norton Hospital, or another Louisville hospital. Your loved one made the decision to go to the hospital because she thought that she had a better chance of recovering from her illness or injury at the hospital than at home.

She Never Expected it to Be the Decision That Killed Her

Yet, a recent study published in the Journal of Public Safety found that preventable harm in hospitals may cause 210,000 – 400,000 deaths every year. Often, preventable harm occurs in one of five ways including when:

  1. A mistake is made by doing something. For example, a procedure may be done the wrong way or the wrong procedure may be done.
  2. A mistake is made by failing to do something. This occurs when an action needed to be taken and it was not done.
  3. There is a communication error. This can occur between two or more medical providers or between a medical provider and the patient. For example, a doctor could fail to communicate how much medicine a patient should receive.
  4. There is a mistake made for the individual patient. Often, this happens upon discharge when a doctor fails to take into account unique aspects of a patient’s life when writing discharge instructions. It could also occur when things such as medication allergies or diet restrictions are not taken into account during treatment.
  5. A diagnostic error is made. If the wrong diagnosis is made, then there could be a delay in treatment or the wrong treatment may be provided to the patient.

Any of these mistakes can result in an unnecessary death.

Has This Happened to Your Loved One?

Did your loved one die because of medical malpractice in a Louisville hospital? Do you know your legal rights? You may be able to hold the doctor, nurse, or hospital accountable in some situations. Please read our FREE report, Critical Information to Know Before Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Kentucky, to learn more.

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