Trusting a cemetery, funeral home, or a cremator to ensure that your loved one’s body is properly handled should not be an issue. Incredibly, carelessness and sometimes horrific acts of misconduct can result in graves being lost and bodies being mishandled.

This is an unthinkable and devastating event for which there is legal recourse. Our firm will fight for money damages and injunctive relief to help correct these terrible situations and hold people and businesses accountable for their actions.

Types of Cemetery Negligence Lawsuits We Handle

We handle the following types of cemetery grave mishandling cases in Kentucky and across the United States:

  • Stacking remains in oversold plots
  • Lost remains
  • Misplaced tombstones
  • Mismanaged burial records
  • Misplaced or mismanaged plot markers
  • Failure to honor and follow family plot and burial arrangements
  • Improper exhumations
  • Improper grave maintenance and mishandling of grave sites
  • Improper burial practices
  • Failure to treat the remains and tombstone with proper respect
  • Mismanagement of cemetery and burial grounds

Cemeteries can be sued for their negligence. More and more courts across Kentucky and the United States have allowed lawsuits to proceed—holding cemeteries, funeral homes, and crematories accountable for their actions.  In Kentucky, there are specific laws that impose guidelines on a cemetery’s conduct. In addition, the general principles of responsible corporate conduct apply to all cemeteries operating in the United States. We know how to use these laws to fight for you. We know how to gather the necessary information and prepare a strong case against a negligent cemetery.

If you believe a cemetery, funeral home or crematorium has acted negligently, call us today for a free consultation.