Recovering from a hip replacement surgery requires a patient to invest substantial physical, financial, and emotional resources into the process. When the device used in this procedure is defective, severe complications can result, making recovery even more difficult. In many cases, it may even be necessary to have a second, riskier surgery in order to replace the defective device. One such example involves the Zimmer Durom Cup. Studies have demonstrated that a shockingly high number of implant recipients experienced severe side effects as a result of this defective Zimmer hip implant device in Kentucky. Some studies estimate this figure to be as high as 30% of all patients that received the Zimmer Durom Cup. Despite these studies, the company still has not acknowledged any defect with its device.

Fortunately for patients suffering from side effects as a result of a defective hip implant, an experienced attorney can help recover damages that are rightfully deserved. The following is an overview of the physical side effects that can be associated with this device:

  1. Detachment of the faulty hip implant from the surrounding bone.
  2. Infection of the muscle and tissue surrounding the defective Zimmer hip implant.
  3. Contamination of the blood caused by the metal alloy in the hip implant.
  4. Damage to the thyroid as a result of pressure or a puncture by the defective hip implant.
  5. Bladder issues, also caused by pressure or a puncture by the defective hip implant.
  6. Debilitating, extreme pain that impairs the patient’s ability to sit, walk, or run comfortably.

In addition to these traumatic physical side effects caused by the faulty hip implant, patients may also suffer emotional and mental effects as well. The financial costs—including medical bills, time away from work, and rehabilitation services—cannot be underestimated. For more information about pursuing a claim against a medical manufacturer, contact a Kentucky defective hip replacement attorney. Call 888.450.4456 or 502.210.8942 for your complimentary consultation today.

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