Harsh temperatures, winds, and precipitation can make it challenging for many people to be outside during the winter in Kentucky. However, for nursing home residents the winter weather may be not only challenging, but also potentially fatal.

Here’s Why

When nursing home residents leave their facilities without the knowledge of nursing home staff or the appropriate supervision, they may be at serious risk. Consider, for example, what could happen if your loved one were to leave her nursing home unattended and unnoticed. She may…

  • Get lost and be unable to find her way back.
  • Not be appropriately dressed for the winter weather.
  • Become confused and not know how to ask for help.

This could result in a dangerous or deadly:

  • Slip and fall. Your loved one could slip on the ice and hit her head, or she could suffer a broken bone that makes it difficult for her to get to shelter.
  • Exposure to traffic. It’s just too easy for nursing home residents to lose their senses of direction or get disoriented in a snow squall and wander into street traffic.
  • Weather-related medical complications. Your loved one could, for example, develop frostbite or hypothermia. These conditions may develop quickly depending on the outside temperatures and the clothing that your loved one is wearing.

You could be left mourning for your loved one and wondering how she could have ever left the nursing home without permission.

Nursing Homes Have a Responsibility to Prevent Elopement

It is the duty of nursing home staff to take reasonable measures to prevent nursing home residents from wandering outside of the nursing home unattended and unsupervised. They have a responsibility to know where residents are and to make sure that they are safe.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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