Understanding the Risks for Elder Abuse in Your Loved One’s KY Nursing Home

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It was a difficult decision to place your elderly relative in a long-term care facility. It’s hard to place a loved one in someone else’s hands, but you know that it was in his best interests to receive constant and professional care.

But now that he has been there for several months, you’re seeing a change in his behavior—and not for the better. You wonder, is it possible that someone is mistreating him when I’m not here?

As horrid as it sounds, elder abuse in nursing homes is a daily reality for millions of seniors. This kind of abuse can include any intentional or careless act that causes harm (or a risk of harm) to an older person. 

Types Of Elder Abuse Found In Nursing Homes

Emotional Abuse.

Staff members may injure a patient emotionally through verbal attacks, isolation, belittling, threats, rejection, or other acts that could cause anguish or distress to an elder. 

Sexual Abuse.

Any sexual contact that is coerced upon the elder through force, trickery, or threats can be considered abuse, including cases where the elder is unable to grant consent. 


A caregiver may be guilty of neglect if he or she refuses to provide for an elder’s safety or physical and emotional needs. 


A staff member may opt to restrain a patient with belts or medication simply because it is more convenient than providing proper care.


Caregivers who are guilty of abandonment must be shown to have taken action to deprive their patients of the proper level of care. 


Disreputable attendants may use their influence over a vulnerable patient to extort money or property control from the elder.

If you suspect that your loved one has suffered elder abuse, there is help available. Our firm can help you bring charges of neglect, theft, fraud, or abuse against the perpetrator, getting your relative the help he needs to heal.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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