Some Medications Should Never Be Mixed

Your doctor should know which medications can be taken safely together and which ones cannot.  Unfortunately, negligent doctors have been known to prescribe medications for patients that should never be mixed.  Serious drug interactions can be deadly. When a doctor or pharmacist does not warn a patient about the risks of mixing medications, it could be considered Louisville medical malpractice.

Have you ever wondered why the doctor asks you about the medications you are currently taking?  The reason the physician or his or her staff asks you this question is to help prevent drug interactions.  By keeping a record of your medications, the doctor should be able to avoid prescribing you a drug that could negatively interact with one you are already taking.

Even though doctors take this preventative measure, problems still frequently occur.  Poorly trained medical staff, doctor mistakes, poor maintenance of patient records and misdiagnosis can all lead to harmful drug interactions.   You can help reduce the risk of suffering from drug interactions by asking the doctor if the prescribed drug will interact with your current medication.  When you get your prescription filled, you should ask this same question to the pharmacist. 

Drug interactions can affect people at any age.  If you have suffered from a bad drug interaction, your doctor or pharmacist may be to blame.  These cases fall under Kentucky medical malpractice and could entitle you to financial compensation for your injuries.  Contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Louisville at Gray and White Law at 1-502-210-8942 or 1-888-450-4456 for a legal consultation.  Even if you are not sure what caused the drug interaction that led to your injuries, you should still talk with a medical malpractice attorney who will be able to review your case to determine who was at fault. 

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