Shopping on the internet requires a high degree of trust between the customer and online retailer.  In return for your business, you assume that the company you’re shopping with will protect your information from outside sources. Unfortunately for 24 million customers of, online hackers have managed to obtain names, phone numbers, emails, encrypted passwords, and the last four digits of their credit cards.

The incident has already had legal repercussions. Gray & White Law, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, has been the first to file a class-action lawsuit against Amazon, the parent company of Zappos. The lawsuit alleges that Amazon's failure to properly encrypt and secure customer information is in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Not all plaintiffs in the case are from Kentucky; however, the suit was filed in Kentucky federal court due to the Kentucky-based Amazon servers.

Gray & White Law focuses on personal injury law as well as class-action litigation. The lawsuit against Amazon alleges that Zappos customers have suffered damages in the form of emotional distress, as well as heightened susceptibility to online scams with their information in the hands of hackers.

If you are one of the Zappos customers whose information has been compromised, you can take the following steps to protect yourself:

  • DO immediately change all important passwords (email, online banking sites, etc.)      
  • DO NOT open emails from sites you've never visited or don't recognize.
  • DO NOT accept email offers that ask for your personal information, such as credit card or social security number.
  • DO be observant of clues to possible scams. If something seems suspicious, delete the email immediately.
Regardless of your geographical location, if you feel you have suffered personal damages as a result of your Zappos account being hacked, contact the law offices of Gray & White. Our Zappos class-action lawyers will help you learn more about your legal rights to compensation.
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