Determining Liability in a Motorcycle Accident 

One the hardest parts of any personal injury case, including one involving a motorcycle accident, is determining liability. The person who is at fault is the one who will have to compensate the other party. A Louisville motorcycle accident attorney will review all documentation, records and evidence associated with your case and will use it to make a valid claim against the other party involved. 

Negligence determines liability. Negligence could include failure to follow traffic laws, failure to maintain the vehicle and reckless regard for the safety of others. Other factors, such as road conditions and weather conditions, can also play into who is at fault. 

Contacting a Louisville Motorcycle Accident Attorney 

An accident involving a motorcycle is more likely to cause serious injuries than a car accident. Therefore, the amount of damages can be larger. Medical bills, impairment, physical therapy, loss of wages, and pain and suffering are all damages you might be able to claim. A Louisville accident attorney will review your case and determine what types of compensation you are eligible to receive. 

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