Not only could there be physical injuries suffered from the use of restraints, but emotional damage can be done as well. At the very least, it is a demeaning act against the resident and it could be considered nursing home abuse in Kentucky

When residents are kept isolated or immobilized for long periods of time, mental trauma can occur. They may experience depression, anxiety and other psychological difficulties.

In most cases, the use of restraints is not appropriate and not safe for a nursing home resident. If the patient tends to wander and there is the danger of getting hurt, then caregivers will need to devise a plan to help redirect the patient. Other options could be installing an electronic device on the bed or chair which alerts staff when a resident is moving about.

Certainly, regardless of a facilities restraint usage policy, it is up to the facility to adequately supervise patients to ensure that the usage or non-usage of restraints doesn't interfere with the patients well-being. Further, this is an important issue for families to discuss and know where the facility caring for their loved ones stands on this issue.

It is not appropriate to restrain a resident in order to control what they eat or the medication they take. In fact, according to federal law, restraints may not be used at any time when it's merely a convenience for the caregiver or if it is an attempt to punish the patient. 

In rare cases a physician may order restraints to be used. The resident and/or a representative of the resident would also have to give permission. Otherwise, it may be considered nothing more than nursing home abuse in Kentucky.

Help from a Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

If you believe your loved one has suffered nursing home abuse in Kentucky, whether it was through the use of restraints or other actions, then you will want to discuss your case with a Kentucky nursing home abuse law firm.

Your loved one has rights and when they have been violated in a nursing home, you may need help from a Kentucky nursing home abuse law firm. This is the best way to learn what options are available and if your claim for compensation is valid.

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