A type of nursing home negligence that can occur is overmedication. Whether it was caused by a pharmacy error or failure to manage a resident’s medications properly, it may lead to filing a claim. Contact a Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer to learn what legal options may be available.

Overmedication, also known as polypharmacy, is a common problem among the elderly. It is caused by administering more medication than is necessary. 

When residents of nursing homes suffer from several health problems, it increases the number of medications they may need. But it also may increase the risk of serious injuries.

When a resident receives several medications, it can lead to confusion about dosage times and frequency. Failing to administer them at the right time and in the right manner can cause further complications.

For instance, certain medications need to be taken at certain times of the day. Or they may need to be taken with food or water. Failure to follow these instructions could cause serious sickness or injury.

Some medications may need to be stopped if there is the potential for a harmful drug interaction. Determining which medications do not mix is essential. Additionally, it should be considered which medications may be eliminated or replaced with an alternative.

Another problem with overmedication is if the resident’s list of medications is not properly monitored, there may be duplication. This could lead to unnecessary prescriptions.

This is where the nursing home facility and its staff should take measures to ensure the resident is being safely and properly treated when taking more than one medication. If not, they may be held responsible for any resulting injuries due to nursing home negligence and a pharmacy error.

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