Asking Simple Questions May Help You Detect Abuse in Kentucky Nursing Homes

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It was a hard decision to place your elderly relative in a nursing home, but you know it was the right thing to do. His health and mental condition are failing, and he needs around the clock care. However, you want to take all the precautions you can against his suffering abuse in a Kentucky nursing home, so you keep in regular contact and ask him how he is being treated.


The problem is, many seniors are unaware they are being abused because they are unable to spot the warning signs. Here are a few specific questions to ask your relative while visiting his nursing home:


Questions to ask about emotional or psychological abuse:

  • Are you afraid of anyone here?
  • Does anyone ever yell at you or make threats?
  • Does anyone here insult you or make you upset?
  • Do other residents scare you or threaten you?
  • Has anyone ever asked or forced you do things you didn’t want to do?
  • Does anyone around you abuse drugs or alcohol?


Questions to ask about financial exploitation:

  • Who pays your bills for you?
  • Does that person go to the bank with you?
  • Does that person go to the bank on your behalf?
  • Does this person know your account or PIN numbers?
  • Who has power of attorney over you?
  • Have you ever signed a document that you didn’t read or didn’t understand?
  • Has anyone here asked questions about your finances or your assets?
  • Have any of your possessions ever gone missing?
  • Has anyone ever asked you questions like this before?


Questions to ask about neglect:

  • Do you think that you are alone a lot?
  • Does someone check on you regularly?
  • How often are you taken outside or to social functions?
  • Has anyone ever failed to respond when you needed help?

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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