Posted on July 1, 2016

For almost fifty years, women have used Shower to Shower to stay dry, to feel fresh, and to be pampered. Shower to Shower started as a Johnson & Johnson product, and it was sold to Valeant Pharmaceuticals in 2012. Since 2012 Shower to Shower products have been sold by Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Currently, there are five types of Shower to Shower on the market:

  • Original Fresh.
  • Breeze Fresh.
  • Island Fresh.
  • Morning Fresh.
  • Sport.

According to Valeant Pharmaceutical’s website, it is okay for women to use Shower to Shower all over their body every day.

But Is Shower to Shower Really Safe?

All five varieties of Shower to Shower contain talc. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that talc may be a carcinogen when used on genitals, and since 1999 the American Cancer Society has recommended that women use cornstarch-based powders rather than talcum powders in the genital area. Other studies have also found a potential link between the use of talc in the genital area and ovarian cancer. These studies date back several decades.

Despite these concerns, pharmaceutical companies such as Valeant and Johnson & Johnson continue to manufacture and market body powders containing talc.

And Women Continue to Seek Justice in Court

Currently, there are more than 1,000 people who have filed lawsuits alleging that baby powder or Shower to Shower products containing talc have caused their ovarian cancer. Below is a sampling of the cases that have already been decided that allege, at least in part, that Shower to Shower products contributed to ovarian cancer:

  • $55 Million Awarded to Woman Who Developed Ovarian Cancer. In May 2016, a jury in Missouri returned a verdict in favor of a woman who developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson baby powder and Shower to Shower products on her genital area for decades. The plaintiff, Gloria Ristesund, had a hysterectomy and other surgeries related to her ovarian cancer. At the time of the trial, Ms. Ristesund was in remission. The jury found that Ms. Ristesund’s ovarian cancer was caused by her use of baby powder and Shower to Shower products and ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay her $5 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages.
  • $72 Million Awarded to Family of Woman Who Died From Ovarian Cancer. In February 2016, a jury in Missouri awarded $72 million to the family of a family who died from ovarian cancer after using baby powder and Shower to Shower products on her genital area for about 25 years. The woman, Jacqueline Fox, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years before her death at age 62. The jury found that Johnson & Johnson was liable for negligence, fraud, and conspiracy. Ms. Fox’s family was awarded $10 million in compensatory damages and $62 million in punitive damages.
  • Jury Finds in Favor of Woman Who Developed Ovarian Cancer. In October 2013, a jury in South Dakota found that Johnson & Johnson failed to warn Deane Berg about the risk of ovarian cancer. Ms. Berg used Shower to Shower products for about 30 years when she developed ovarian cancer. While the jury did not award Ms. Berg any monetary damages, it did find in her favor.

Others cases are pending in court as women continue to fight for justice.

What to Do If You’ve Been Hurt by a Shower to Shower Product

If you have developed ovarian cancer after using Shower to Shower products—or if your wife, mother, or other close relative has died from using ovarian cancer after using Shower to Shower products—then you need to know more about your legal rights.

You deserve to know your rights and to learn more about fighting your fair and just recovery. Our experienced attorneys and our staff nurse are here to answer your questions. Please contact us today at 888-450-4456 to schedule your own free and confidential consultation.

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