Symptoms Women May Suffer After a Transvaginal Mesh Surgery in Kentucky

It may have been a few weeks or even months after your organ prolapse surgery, but you know something isn’t right. Is it just the after-effects of surgery, or is something really wrong with your implanted device?

Our Louisville vaginal mesh injury attorneys have seen too many victims dismiss serious symptoms of complications after a mesh implant, only to have to suffer a second surgery and additional organ prolapse.It is vital that women check themselves for the following symptoms after a transvaginal mesh surgery:

  • Vaginal infections. Vaginal discharge, pain, burning sensations or fever could signify an infection brought on by the transvaginal mesh procedure.
  • Severe pain or discomfort. Women have reported intense pain, bleeding or discomfort that could not be controlled by over-the-counter pain medication. 
  • Pain during sex. One of the more commonly expressed complications of transvaginal mesh surgeries was painful intercourse and a feeling of something protruding from the vagina.
  • Backache. Many patients suffered a fullness or pressure in the lower back and abdomen.
  • Difficulty with bodily functions. Pain or obstructions caused several patients to have difficulty with regular bowel movements, while some suffered bladder obstructions or painful urination.
  • Mesh deterioration. Since the transvaginal mesh would often break down inside the body, some patients witnessed pieces of mesh coming through their vagina or passing it in their urine.
  • Persistent prolapse symptoms. On top of all other complications, many patients experienced recurrence of the prolapsed organ symptoms (which the procedure failed to adequately treat).

While the FDA has warned doctors and patients of potential vaginal mesh complications, it has yet to recall the device or suspend its use in vaginal surgery. However, many such complications can be life threatening—and if you have suffered as a result, the attorneys at Gray and White can help you seek compensation.

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