Environmental Pollution: How to Right a Wrong and Protect the Future

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Maybe the company saved money by polluting the air in the Park Hill Industrial Corridor. Perhaps the company made a mistake that resulted in groundwater contamination in Jeffersonville or another environmental problem in another part of Kentucky. However it happened, it was you and your neighbors who were hurt.

Now, You and Your Neighbors Can Seek Justice

Some of the common types of environmental pollution cases we handle include:

Air Pollution (Fallout)

United States businesses work hard to outdo the competition and to increase their profit margins.  To some, it makes no difference who they harm along the way. A company may manufacture a product that, though relatively harmless in and of itself, creates toxic fallout as it is being made.  Residents living around the plant may become ill—sometimes gravely ill—due to the chemicals they have been breathing for years. In this case, a class action may be the only way to stop the corporation, and to bring justice to those who have suffered.


Nuisance odors can also negatively affect a community. A nuisance odor is one that frequently emanates from any number of sources.  Many times, a factory may be releasing an odor that, while not harmful, affects the quality of life of those in its path. Obnoxious odors may alter the way people go about their lives. A reoccurring odor may cause people to stay indoors, limit their time outside, and may prevent them from participating in outdoor activities. This can negatively affect the lives of those within the community. At times, the stench may keep home and business owners from opening their windows, and may even permeate the interior of the building, making daily life almost unbearable. People living in the path of obnoxious odors have the right to live a life free of the smells that negatively affect their lives.

Sewage Backup/ Basement Flooding

An improperly functioning sewage system can leave a homeowner dealing with the horrible experience of sewage backup or flooding. Heavy rains often expose deficiencies in these systems. The result is often massive destruction of both personal property and the home itself. Homeowners and residents alike have the right to properly functioning sewer and wastewater treatment systems.

Groundwater Contamination / Landfill Contamination

Groundwater contamination is a real concern for many Americans. There are millions of storage tanks buried underground in the United States. These tanks contain gasoline, oil, and other hazardous chemicals. As a tank ages it may corrode or crack, spilling its contents into the soil around it. Eventually, the liquid can make its way into the water table, affecting water pumped from this underground aquifer. In a similar manner, residents living near landfills are often at risk from improperly contained landfills. The effects can be devastating to the health of individuals and to property values in the community.

If you have been hurt by any kind of environmental pollution then we encourage you to contact us today, via this website or at the number listed above, for a free consultation about your rights and your possible recovery.

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