Loading Passengers and Gear: A Potentially Deadly Task for Boaters

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Everyone was excited to get going. The party was getting ready to spend the afternoon on the Ohio River, Rough River Lake, or another Kentucky waterway. They had their sunscreen, drinks, and life jackets ready—but they did not anticipate that a fatal mistake would be made before they ever left the dock.

The Improper Loading of Passengers and Gear Can Be Deadly

The United States Coast Guard reports that there were 138 accidents related to the improper loading of passengers and gear on recreational vessels in 2013. Those 138 accidents resulted in 61 deaths and 62 injuries. These accidents happened in four different ways. Specifically:

  • Improper loading caused 41 accidents. Fifteen people died and twenty-two people were injured in these accidents.
  • Having people on the gunwale, bow, or transom caused 36 accidents. Fourteen people died and twenty-two people were injured in these accidents.
  • Overloading caused 35 accidents. Twenty-six people died and twelve people were injured in these accidents.
  • Improper anchoring caused 26 accidents. Five people died and six people were injured in these accidents.

It is possible that many of these deaths and injuries may have been avoided if passengers and gear had been properly loaded on to the boats before leaving shore.

Did a Loading Problem Cause Your Loved One’s Death?

It is too late to go back and prevent it, but that doesn’t mean that finding out the cause of your loved one’s death is not important. It is important. It can help you understand what happened and it may help answer your questions. It can help you understand your legal rights and it may help you get the recovery that you deserve.

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