3 Things to Think About Before Calling a Kentucky Lawyer About Your Child’s Shoulder Dystocia

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The decisions you have to make as a new parent have suddenly escalated in intensity. You are no longer thinking about what stroller to buy or how much sleep you will get. Now you are thinking about your child’s immediate and long term medical needs. You are considering whether all of the necessary tests have been done and how you are going to pay for your child’s ongoing treatment. It may feel like you don’t have the energy to think about one more thing—but you do.

You Can Consider Calling a Lawyer

Whether your child’s injury happened in the delivery room at Baptist Hospital, Norton Hospital, or another area hospital, you have the right to know whether your child suffered shoulder dystocia because of a medical mistake. You have the right to know whether your child’s injuries were the result of a tragic mistake or medical malpractice.

A lawyer can do a complete investigation into what happened and help you find out the truth. You do not need to know exactly what happened before you call a lawyer. However, you should be prepared to think about:

  • Whether there were any known risk factors before or during labor that suggested the possibility of shoulder dystocia.
  • How well you, or your child’s mother, were attended to during prenatal visits or during labor and delivery.
  • The harm that has been done to your child.

This information can help your lawyer take the next step.

Why You Should Call a Lawyer, Even If You Don’t Want to Right Now

The last thing you need in your life now is another hassle, or more pressure. However, those are not reasons to avoid calling a lawyer. Instead, there are reasons to call a lawyer who can help protect your child’s rights and fight for the fair and just recovery that may allow your child to recover the damages he or she needs to improve to the maximum medical extent possible.

Has Your Family Been Impacted By A Birth Injury?

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