Ten Important Questions If Your Parent Is Found on the Floor at JHSMH

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You know what happened. Your mother, or a hospital staff member, has told you that she fell and that she was found on the floor at Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Healthcare (JHSMH). You also know what the hospital is doing to treat your mother’s injuries.

What You Don’t Know Is Why it Happened

When you ask why your mother was found on the floor at JHSMH you may not get a straight answer. Doctors or hospital staff my instead try to turn the conversation toward her recovery or toward discussing how future falls will be prevented. Instead of asking a general question such as, “how did she fall?” you might instead consider asking the following specific questions that are harder to avoid. For example, you might ask:

  1. When was she last checked on prior to her fall?
  2. When was she found on the floor?
  3. Could she reach the nurse call button?
  4. Did she call for a nurse?
  5. What medications was she on at the time of her fall?
  6. Did she seem disoriented or confused prior to the fall?
  7. Who discovered her on the floor?
  8. Was she using a catheter or bed pan? When was she last taken to the bathroom?
  9. Were there bed rails or other fall prevention equipment on her bed?
  10. Was her risk of falling assessed prior to the fall?


Of course, just asking these questions is not a guarantee that you will get the answers that you need.

Your Parent May Need Help

If your parent was found on the floor at JHSMH and you believe the fall may have been caused by hospital negligence then an experienced lawyer may be able to help your parent get the recovery that he or she deserves. Please watch our free videos about hospital negligence and call us today to learn more.

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