Physicians' Failure to Diagnose Impending Stroke Leads To Serious Health Problems

Posted on Dec 03, 2009
From the LA Times:

" Kaiser Permanente, the state's largest nonprofit HMO, has been ordered to pay a former Valencia middle school administrator $5 million after its physicians misinterpreted signs of an impending stroke that left him partially paralyzed and disabled for life.

An infection related to his subsequent treatment led to the amputation of both his legs.

A panel of three arbitrators ruled Nov. 18 in favor of Timothy Howard, who said Kaiser physicians were negligent for failing to properly diagnose the cause of his episodic blindness, headaches and other complaints.

Kaiser physicians in Panorama City, including a neurologist, diagnosed Howard, 48, with a migraine. As it turned out, Howard was suffering from a tear in the carotid artery, which was interrupting the main source of blood to his head.

If Howard had been treated promptly with medication, Howard's lawyer argued, the artery would have repaired itself within a few months. Instead, it went untreated for weeks, leading to a devastating stroke two years ago on Thanksgiving evening.

Kaiser acknowledged Wednesday that its physicians got the diagnosis wrong and apologized."

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