Violent Kentucky Car Crash Kills One Person

Posted on Jul 02, 2009

A major Kentucky car accident along Highway 519 resulted in one death and four injuries.  According to Kentucky State Police, a witness who was driving in front of the two cars hit on Highway 519, a black Dodge truck crossed the center line.

The Dodge truck was driven by Brock Standafer, an 18-year-old West Liberty resident.  The witness said that “he didn’t know if the driver fell asleep or what had happened, but he was gradually coming over the center line.”  The witness also said that “he had got on the shoulder and barely avoided being hit and looked in his mirror and the black truck had hit two cars behind him.”

The witness told authorities that the Dodge truck had first struck a blue Hyundai SUV.  Apparently the truck veered into the northbound lane and never corrected back into the southbound lane. 

Ronald Zavitz had been driving the blue Hyundai SUV.  Another vehicle that had been traveling behind Zavitz was also hit by the Dodge truck.

Zavitz was killed in the collision.  The two women and child who had been traveling in the second vehicle behind Zavitz were taken to the hospital for treatment for their non-life threatening injuries.

Standafer was airlifted to University of Kentucky Hospital, after rescue crews spent an hour getting him out of his truck.

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