Pharmacists are busy filling prescriptions for many people every day. Unfortunately, they are bound to make medication mistakes that can negatively affect a person’s health. If you have been affected by a prescription error, you should watch this video to find out what you need to prove in order to file a lawsuit against the pharmacy or pharmacist involved.

By taking the wrong dosage of medication that a pharmacist gave you, you may incur pain and suffering, adverse health effects, and expensive medical bills. Because you shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes a medical professional has made, you need to file a claim against the pharmacist. In order to have a valid claim in Kentucky, you will have to prove that the pharmacy gave you the incorrect dosage or wrong prescription and that the medication was the cause of your injuries. Because this can be difficult to prove if you are already hurting from another ailment, it is critical that you have an experienced medication error attorney on your side.

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