Cerebral palsy is a devastating diagnosis—especially when new parents must come to terms with the health condition when they were expecting a healthy baby. While some cases of cerebral palsy are caused by factors beyond the control of both parents and medical professionals, other cases could have and should have been prevented by a doctor or hospital.

During labor and delivery, some babies may experience a lack of oxygen to the brain and sustain a fetal stroke. These complications, which can be caused by a difficult delivery, can result in cerebral palsy. A medical professional or hospital may be responsible for this birth injury if there was a failure to monitor the baby’s vital signs during labor or detect a prolapsed umbilical cord, a delay in performing a caesarean section or other measure, or the incorrect or inappropriate use of forceps or vacuum. 

The effects of cerebral palsy range greatly, but could include spastic movement of the arms and legs, limb paralysis, seizures, sensory issues, developmental delays, behavioral problems, bladder and bowel issues, and mental retardation.

If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it is critical that you determine exactly what occurred and whether someone was at fault. Talking to one of our experienced Louisville birth injury lawyers can help you better understand your case and whether you may deserve compensation. Call Gray & White today to schedule a free, private consultation—and get your child the support and justice he or she deserves.

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