As a new parent, all you want to do is be there for your baby. However, new parents don’t have all the answers and don’t know what is and isn’t normal since they are learning as they go. Although it is an exciting time, being a new parent is also emotional and overwhelming, especially if you have a hunch that something isn’t right.

Although you thought your newborn seemed fine when you brought your little bundle of joy home from the hospital, you may have recently noticed a few things that don’t seem normal. Could it be possible that your precious little one suffered a birth injury during delivery? While you may not want to think about the possibility of cerebral palsy at birth, it is critical that a birth injury in Kentucky is diagnosed as early as possible. Children with an early diagnosis have the best chance of recovery, as there are a number of treatment options available.

If your child’s doctor determines your baby suffered at birth in Louisville, your child needs the necessary medical treatment that could give him or her the best chance of making a recovery. Unfortunately, treatments are expensive and medical bills add up quickly. This is why it is critical to file a claim against the responsible parties to collect compensation for your child’s medical bills and pain. Call Gray and White at 888.450.4456 for help seeking justice and collecting the maximum damages possible, or contact us online at

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