When we receive medical help for our health, we trust doctors, nurses, and pharmacists with our lives. However, many medical mistakes are made by medical professionals every day around this nation.

In Kentucky alone, thousands of people die from medication errors every year. Sadly, most of these deaths are preventable and are caused from surgical errors, anesthesia errors, misdiagnosis, receiving the wrong prescription, or getting the wrong dosage of medication. It is shocking to think that our health could be in jeopardy every time we receive medical care, but the truth is that people continue to suffer serious injuries or die under the care of trained medical professionals.

If your loved one was a victim of a medical error, you should contact a knowledgeable lawyer about your rights to a medical malpractice lawsuit for wrongful death. The Law Office of Gray and White in Louisville can answer your questions in a free consultation. Contact us at 888.450.4456 or online at

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