Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most devastating injuries that you can incur in a traffic accident. More difficult to understand than a simple broken bone or laceration, head injuries can have a large range of lasting effects on both your physical and mental health—whether you suffered from a mild concussion or an open head injury that left you unconscious or in a coma.

The experience of every brain injury survivor is different: One person may need daily assistance with simple tasks and a lifetime of medical treatments, while another person may struggle with chronic headaches, impulsive behavior, and trouble concentrating at work. Still another person may have hearing or vision impairments, motor skills issues, or short-term memory issues.

Brain injuries can also be extremely expensive. Unlike a broken bone, brain injuries often require ongoing treatments, therapies, and medications. Some brain injury victims are forced to quit their jobs, end their careers, or find less lucrative work. Most tragically, some find that their quality of life is permanently lowered, as they cannot enjoy hobbies or relationships as they could before their accident.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious head injury in a Kentucky car accident, you may wish to seek compensation for damages. To learn more about your case, contact the Louisville personal injury attorneys at Gray & White today.

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