Many people believe that doctor mistakes are the only form of medical malpractice. However, each year, over 100,000 patients die as a result of mistakes made by hospitals and medical centers—not physicians themselves.

Hospital negligence takes many forms. In one case, a patient may fall and injure himself because of a lack of staff or a lack of monitoring. In another case, a patient may suffer an overdose because of a medication error or chart mix up. In still another case, a patient could be harmed due to the absence of proper hospital security.

How does hospital negligence happen? Often, negligence occurs due to a lack of hospital protocol, a lack of staff training, a shortage of employees, an absence of proper oversight, or irresponsible cost-cutting measures. 

We need to hold our hospitals and medical centers responsible for their irresponsible behaviors. This means taking action when we see hospital negligence, and making certain that the same errors don’t affect other patients in the future. By filing a hospital negligence claim, you are standing up for your own rights while also putting a stop to careless or dangerous activities.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you may have a hospital negligence claim, we can help. Call our law office to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our experienced attorneys.

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