The skyrocketing popularity of mobile devices and smart phones has made our lives easier and better in many ways. But the use of cell phones while driving has lead to a sharp increase in distracted driving accident and injuries, both in Kentucky and across the country. In recent years, the majority of states have responded to an increase in mobile phone-related traffic accidents by passing bans on texting and using hand-held devices behind the wheel. Are you familiar with the new texting-related laws in Kentucky?

Let’s do a quick review:

In Kentucky, texting while driving is prohibited for all drivers of all ages on the road. In addition, it is illegal for novice drivers under the age of 18, commercial truck drivers, and bus drivers to talk on a mobile device while driving. There are no statewide laws in Kentucky banning other experienced drivers from talking on a cell phone while driving.

Using a mobile device while driving is distracting and dangerous; it takes one hand, both eyes, and your mind away from the road. If you have been injured in a Louisville car accident that involved distracted driving, texting, or mobile phone use, you may wish to speak with one of our experienced Louisville accident attorneys about your case. Call Gray & White at 888-450-4456 today to schedule a free, private consultation.

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