The day a child enters the world should be the most joyous occasion for parents; however, sometimes the happiest day for families is also clouded by sadness when a birth injury occurs. Find out in this video why a Kentucky medical malpractice attorney stresses the importance of understanding why and how your child’s birth injury took place.

Sometimes birth injuries in Kentucky can occur when doctors take all reasonable steps to prevent an injury at birth from occurring, as sometimes infant health issues are unrelated to delivery. But other times, medical negligence can be the cause of a birth injury. It is important to find out if your infant’s birth injury was the result of a medical error or carelessness so that you can seek justice and compensation for birth injuries including bone fractures, shoulder dystocia, Erb’s palsy, Cerebral palsy, head trauma and brain damage.

A Louisville birth injury lawyer can help your family determine how your child’s birth injury took place and help you seek compensation for medical bills, future medical care, and a lifetime of lost wages. Call Gray and White at 888-450-4456 for a free consultation today.

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