November 2010

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Nationwide Workout and Fitness Gym Chain Settles Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit that commenced in 2006 that included allegations that 24 Hour Fitness, the nation’s largest privately owned fitness center chain, violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”), the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (“EFTA”), and engaged in unfair and fraudulent business…

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Jury Finds Pharmacy’s Medication Error Caused Child’s Brain Damage

The victim who suffered brain damage as a result of the pharmacy’s medication error was a 6-year old girl with cerebral palsy. Although the young child had some physical impairments involving her vision and lower limbs, her cognitive abilities were not affected. Her intelligence was…

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How do I do an independent double check of high alert medications?

An independent double-check of a high-alert medication is a procedure in which two clinicians separately check (alone and apart from each other, then compare results) each component of prescribing, dispensing, and verifying the high-alert medication before administering it to the patient. While technological solutions such…

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CVS Pharmacy Sued for Second Time in One Week

A neighborhood CVS pharmacy was sued two times during one week for having improperly filled and dispensed the wrong medication to its customers. The CVS drugstore allegedly gave an elderly woman recovering from a recent surgery, and on several medications, a powerful and dangerous anticonvulsant…

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Injuries From Physical Abuse in a Kentucky Nursing Home

If your loved one has suffered injuries as the result of nursing home abuse, you may be eligible to file a Kentucky nursing home abuse claim. By consulting with an attorney, you stand a much better chance of protecting your loved one’s legal rights. A…

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Sunday School Church Bus Wrecks With Public Bus, Several Injured Taken to Hospital

According to witnesses, it was a terrifying scene when they observed a church bus full of young children crash into a public bus. The wreck occurred just before noon on Nicholasville Road near New Circle in Lexington, Kentucky. Five people were injured and rushed to…

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