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Victims May Suffer Severe Facial Injuries in a Louisville Crash

Car accidents can result in several physical injuries, but facial injuries can have long-lasting effects on a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Even if victims overcome the extreme pain of reconstruction and recovery, they may be left with scars that affect their appearance for the…

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Study Shows the Dangers of Speeding for Teenage Drivers

Losing a child is the worst thing a parent can imagine. Unfortunately, high speeds and inexperience make teenagers especially likely to suffer severe or fatal car accident injuries. If your child has been hurt or killed in a crash, we encourage you to contact an…

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A Link Between Uterine Cancer & Chemical Hair Straighteners

Recently, a study was published detailing the connection between uterine cancer and chemical hair straighteners. In the past, these types of products had been linked to other types of cancer, but now, uterine cancer is at the forfront. Below, our experienced Kentucky class action lawyer…

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What to Do If You Are Hurt in a Kentucky Car Accident While Pregnant

You want to make the world as safe as possible for your kids even before they are born. Unfortunately, many hazards to pregnant mothers could affect an unborn fetus, including suffering severe injuries in a car accident. If you or a family member was in…

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What Every Rider Should Know About Motorcycle Laws in Kentucky

Just like drivers, motorcyclists must follow the rules of the road and have adequate training to operate their vehicles safely. If you make an insurance claim or file a lawsuit, the insurance company will investigate whether you did anything that could make you partially at…

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Hospital Parking Lot Slip and Fall Accidents

Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing. After all, medical practitioners are oath-bound to protect their patients’ health. However, hospitals have responsibilities beyond healthcare. Like most commercial properties, hospitals have a legal obligation to ensure that their premises are safe for employees and the…

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