Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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2021-2022 Kentucky Nursing Home Staff Shortages at Dangerous Levels

Nursing home staff members are essential workers. Without them, there would be no one to care for our loved ones in nursing homes. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic began, many nursing homes underpaid their employees and understaffed their nursing homes. Now, however, the situation is…

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Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys for Residents of Genesis Healthcare Facilities in Kentucky

Genesis Healthcare operates several nursing homes in Louisville and throughout Kentucky. Many of these homes have been assigned one-star ratings in the past by Medicare’s Five-Star Rating System. A one-star rating is the lowest rating a home can receive from Medicare. If your loved one…

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Protecting Nursing Home Residents With Dementia From Abuse

Approximately 75,000 people in Kentucky had Alzheimer’s disease in 2020. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that the number will increase 14.7% to 86,000 by 2025. If your loved is a nursing home resident with dementia, whether it is caused by Alzheimer’s or not, you already know…

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Paratransit Accident: Dropped While Being Transported to the Hospital, Nursing Home or Doctor?

A paratransit accident is one of the most avoidable and unfortunate types of cases we handle. A loved one is being taken from the nursing home to a doctor appointment at the hospital and is dropped while being transported, or vice versa. It is almost…

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Nursing Home Hip Fractures Can Be Caused by Neglect or Abuse

Hip fractures are serious injuries. Some hip fractures suffered by nursing home residents occur by accident, but nursing home abuse or neglect may also lead to a broken hip. If your loved one suffers a hip fracture in a Kentucky nursing home, we encourage you…

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Three Risks to Watch for as Nursing Homes Lift Pandemic Restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic made life in nursing homes very difficult. In 2020, the novel coronavirus caused 14,874 positive infections among Kentucky nursing home residents, 1,853 nursing home resident deaths, 10,775 positive infections among nursing home staff members, and nine nursing home staff member deaths. In…

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