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Truck Wrecks

Truck Accidents in Kentucky: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Injury Case

Hurt in a truck wreck you didn’t cause? You may be entitled to damages. Our free KY truck crash guide offers key info on the personal injury litigation process. Download Now

Car Accidents

The Ultimate Kentucky Car Accident Guide: What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Car insurance companies aren’t looking out for your best interests. Our free eBook covers tricks adjusters use to pay you less & shows how an attorney can help. Download Now

Wrongful Death

Critical Information to Know Before Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Kentucky

When you need help with your Kentucky wrongful death lawsuit, this free guide is a good place to start to get the information you need. Download Now

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Fighting Back Against Nursing Home Abuse

When your family suffers a tragedy like nursing home abuse, this free guide will explain your legal rights and give you the information you need to fight back. Download Now

Kentucky Nursing Home Resource Center

Using available data compiled from, we have created an easy-to-use, visual representation of nursing homes throughout the state of Kentucky. Request Information

Brain Injuries

The Brain Injury Case Handbook: A Practical Guide for Protecting Your Legal Rights

Was your brain injury caused by someone else’s negligence? You may be entitled to damages. Our free book offers info you should know before taking legal action. Download Now

Birth Injuries

Get the Help You Need After a Birth Injury in Kentucky

Has a birth injury changed your family forever? This free guide explains your rights so you can get the help you need to give your child the best care possible. Download Now

Chemotherapy Overdose & Radiation Injuries

Cancer Treatment and Malpractice: When Chemotherapy and Radiation Mistakes Cause Serious Injuries

Seriously injured by a medical provider’s chemotherapy or radiation error? You may be entitled to compensation. Request a free copy of our book to learn more. Download Now

Delayed Hospital & ER Treatment

What to Do When Negligent ER and Hospital Treatment Delays Cause Injury

ERs are notorious for long waits, but when unreasonable, negligence-related delays cause injury, you may have a case for medical malpractice. Learn more. Download Now

Defective Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Defective Hip Replacements & Implants: Should You Take Legal Action?

If you received a defective hip implant in Kentucky, it’s time to take action! This free book explains why. Download Now

Business Litigation

The Legal Guide to Business and Contract Disputes

Learn what types of business or contract disputes could hurt your business and how experienced business litigation lawyers can help you protect your rights. Download Now

Daycare Injuries

Was Your Child Injured at a Kentucky Daycare? Download Our Free Book to Find Out What You Can Do About It

Our free legal guide explains everything you need to know about Kentucky daycare liability when your child is injured in their care. Request your copy today. Download Now