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Pharmacy errors in Kentucky can have terrible effects, causing serious injury or even death. If you or your loved one was hurt by the wrong drug, incorrect dose or faulty use instructions, you deserve compensation.

Dispensing drugs is as crucial a step in the care of a patient as the doctor’s diagnosis or the surgeon’s intervention. But the overwhelming majority of the billions of drugs handed over to patients every year are handled by for-profit mega-pharmacies staffed by overworked pharmacists many of whom are possibly lacking the necessary checks and balances that keep patients safe. What is worse, many state Pharmacy Boards that are supposed to license and discipline pharmacists appoint top level executives from the drug retail industry to key positions.  This creates an environment where prescription drug mistakes can – and do – happen.

Pharmacy errors are avoidable and pharmacists should be held accountable for prescription drug dispensing errors.

A ten or thousand times higher than prescribed drug dose due to a decimal point error, or confusion between microgram and milligram can kill a patient. Other types of mistakes can leave a patient with debilitating pain, crippling side-effects, or can even lead to paralysis, blindness or brain injury. This is especially true in the case of infants, children and elderly people, who may be more sensitive to the effects of prescription drugs.

Most pharmacy mistakes result from negligence, lack of quality control, and poorly trained and overworked staff. These are unacceptable reasons for putting your life at risk.

The Most Common Dangerous Prescription Mistakes

  • incorrect interpretation of the doctor’s prescription;
  • failure to double-check the prescription in case of doubt;
  • selection of the wrong drug due to similar name;
  • incorrect dosing or dilution;
  • absent or wrong information on how to take the drug;
  • failure to inform the client of side effects, contra-indications and interactions;
  • incorrect labeling;
  • handing over someone else’s drug to a patient.

What You Need to Know After a Serious Pharmacy Error in Kentucky

After being hurt by a prescription drug mistake, you need to focus your energy on your recovery.  While you may know who or what caused the error, “somebody” needs to prove who is responsible. If you try to do this on your own, you may find yourself fighting a powerful company with a team of determined lawyers. Thinking about hiring an attorney yourself?  Don’t trust your Kentucky pharmacy mistake case to a general law practitioner, because you need a seasoned, focused and skilled medication error law firm with the resources and experience to fight for your rights and win.

The medication error attorneys of Gray and White Law have fought and won some of the toughest battles against pharmacists to get the highest possible settlements and verdicts for victims who have suffered the terrible effects of a prescription drug mistake. When you hire Gray and White Law, we lose no time and spare no effort to investigating your case, and will fight the defendants in or out of court until your rights prevail.

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