January 2013

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How is intrathecal chemotherapy used to treat leukemia?

Intrathecal chemotherapy is used to treat cancer in the central nervous system. Because chemotherapy drugs generally will not pass through the blood-brain barrier, treatment for some forms of leukemia and lymphoma are introduced directly into the cerebrospinal fluid. The medication may be given via a…

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I’m afraid of being in Kentucky car accident while I’m pregnant. Where should I sit when I get in the car to reduce my risk of injury?

It makes sense that you would want to keep your unborn baby as safe as possible while riding (or driving) in the car. After all, women are statistically more likely to die in car crashes than from complications during delivery, so cars may be seen…

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What Does it Take to Distract a Kentucky Doctor and Cause Injury?

The results of a new study led by researchers at Michigan State University found that it could take as little as three seconds of interruption to distract someone into making an error. The study, which was funded by the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research,…

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Fatal Fleming County Kentucky Crash of 2013 Claims Two Lives

The first two Fleming County Kentucky traffic fatalities of 2013 reportedly occurred on Friday afternoon, January 4, 2013. According to accident reports, the crash occurred around 1:30 p.m. on Highway 57 about a half mile outside of Mt. Carmel. The Kentucky State Police report that…

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My mother has been hurt in a Kentucky nursing home. She is elderly and does not deserve to live under constant stress. How can I quickly resolve what has happened while protecting her rights?

Time is always of the essence after a personal injury. The person who was hurt understandably wants to get a fair recovery as soon as possible and put the whole thing behind her. However, resolving a personal injury case quickly may be even more important…

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Kentucky For-Profit Nursing Homes—Do Patients or Profits Matter More?

A for-profit business has to make money to stay afloat; there’s nothing surprising about that. But when that for-profit business is a nursing home and that nursing home short-changes its residents so that it can make more money, this is wrong. According to Bloomberg.com, a…

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