March 2013

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10 People Die on Kentucky Roads during One Week in March 2013

The Kentucky State Police report ten fatalities on the road during the one-week period beginning on Monday, March 4, 2013 and ending on Sunday, March 10, 2013. These fatalities bring the total number of people killed on Kentucky roads to 98 from January 1, 2013…

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Kentucky Consumers, Do You Count Your Change—and Your Pills?

When you get change back after paying for your purchases in a Kentucky grocery store, do you count it? Or do you figure, “Eh, it’s only a few cents”? If, when you exit the store and head for your car, you see a limo pass…

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My elderly father has been in a Louisville hospital for the past two weeks. He had a heart attack and is being monitored until his doctors determine whether he is strong enough to survive heart surgery. He actually seems to be going downhill, and today I noticed that the pills he is taking look different than the ones I got from our local pharmacy, although the name on the bottle is the same. Should I question this?

Absolutely! The pills could be perfectly fine—just manufactured by a different company or a generic brand rather than the popular brand. Then again, they could be the wrong medication. Get in touch with your father’s doctor right away, and express your concerns. Point out that…

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Owning Up to Medication Errors in Kentucky

People make mistakes; it’s part of the human condition. Often, mistakes can be corrected without being disclosed, and no harm is done. When medication errors are hidden, though, the consequences can cause a great deal of harm—even death. How Do Medication Errors Occur? A number…

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On my way home from work this evening, I visited my grandmother in her Louisville nursing home. I was annoyed to find her lying in soiled bed sheets, wearing the same dress she was wearing when I visited her on the weekend. Her hair had obviously not been brushed today, and there was dried food in it. Who can I complain to?

You sure seem to have a tight case for negligence. Get started on the following process right away. If your grandmother was lying in soiled sheets, she could develop pressure ulcers (bedsores), if she hasn’t already. Although they don’t sound serious, they can lead to…

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How Can Someone Abuse an Elderly Person in a Kentucky Nursing Home?

I hear—too often—about elderly folk in Kentucky nursing homes being beaten, thrown around like rag dolls, left to lie in their own waste. I’ve seen YouTube videos that reveal unbearably clearly a nursing home employee rough-handling, humiliating, or cursing at someone’s mother or father. What…

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