July 2013

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What steps can I take at the pharmacy to avoid a Kentucky prescription error?

With the rising cost of healthcare, it is common for patients to focus more on the cost of their prescription medication than on the drugs the pharmacist is handing over. This can be dangerous—especially if you are taking several different types of medication. The number…

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Electronic Health Records May Cause Some Medical Mistakes

This week we have been discussing electronic health records (EHR) and how they can help prevent some instances of medical malpractice. However, it is important to understand that this new technology isn’t perfect. In fact, EHR can cause medical mistakes just as they can prevent…

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My child suffered a Kentucky brain injury; will it impact his ability to learn?

Sadly, the answer to this question is that yes, your child’s brain injury may impact his ability to learn. Kentucky brain injuries result in many side effects that can continue long after the obvious outward signs of injury have disappeared. For children who suffer these…

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Ten Ways to Help Your Child After a KY Drunk Driving Death

Losing a family member to a Kentucky drunk driving accident is a tragedy for the whole family. Adults and children will need to grieve. But, unlike adults, children may not be able to be able to express their feelings. Here are ten tips to help…

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The Law Protects Against Understaffed Nursing Homes In Louisville

Nursing homes are meant to be a place where the elderly of our society can go and be taken care of when no one else is able to do so. As such, Louisville nursing homes have a duty to their residents and families to provide…

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New Technology Could Prevent the Most Common Surgical Error in KY

Your doctor said that your surgery was low risk, and it seemed that it went well with no complications. You recovered quickly and were up and about in no time at all.  Then you started feeling pain near the surgical site. You went back to…

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